Aksambul: The Queen Widow

A Memorable Night at the Festival

A Recollection of Pavel

“It was not but my first day in the city, while trying to find Ryssa when it all happened. I was just lookin’ to see the elf lady that won the crown, but there was a big blast. A strange one, at that. The old races were frozen in place, just like they were statues, while the young races all got burnt up by what one of the other fellers I met called a fireball. Out of nowhere, the air seemed like it split in two, and out came three things that looked like armor, but shot little bolts, and one had this pipe that would explode things. Another one of the fellers I met said it might have been something called a Piztal. I aint never heard of it before, and I don’t want to see one again. “
“Anyways, these things came out and I helped out some city folk kill the things. When we finally killed em’, they just balled up into a little bundle of metal and disintegrated. Damned strange times, I swear. It was here that I met a feller by the name of Brix, a bit squirrely but an honest guy – good hand shake, who was actually a count. Boy if I sure was embarrassed to have gone nearly a day callin’ him by his name, and not by lord. Sure enough, there was another lord there , but I found out he was just lyin’, and went by the name of Dest Plound. I know Willard by the River says things about them devil folk all the time, but he seemed all right to me. I’m not sure if Willard has all his tools in the shed, anyways. I met a dwarf, too. This one practiced the old ways, kind of like old Knut’s first wife used to be. His name was Thuskin. Can you believe it though? I met a dragonling! His name was Bronn the Climber, but I never saw him climb nothin’.
“After we killed all them armor things, we didn’t want to have a problem with the city guard. I guess some of these fellers didn’t seem to think that the guard were ok, and we hightailed it to Brixs’ home. I tell you what, those Gardens sure are somethin’ to see. Dag, I sure has hell know you’d like it. Them city girls were pretty good lookin’. Anyways, we headed up to Brix’s home, and we ended up running into Inspector Maddox. Remember that funny little gnome? He wanted to know all about the fight, but we didn’t know too much once we put our heads together. One of the fellers knew someone with a group of actors or somethin’, I guess they’re called the White Masks. The city is a weird place, right?
“Brix offered us some food and drink, and allowed us to stay in his house. I ain’t never seen a house that big, and lordy was it somethin’. I wasn’t too keen on their food though, they drank this sweet blue stuff. Got me pretty drunk though. Anyways, when we were sleeping, we got attacked by some daggummed drow. Can you believe it? A few thugs came into our rooms and tried to kill me. I didn’t have time, and, I shit you not, I fought off a dagnammed drow in nothin’ but my skivvies. We ended up killin’ about four. One of the fellers found a note on one of them drow, and they said somethin’ about killing Maddox. Maddox came to us around the same time, and he was attacked by the same group. Fearing further violence, Maddox ordered his guard to help protect Brix’s home. It was one hell of a day, I tell ya.
“We coulnd’t tell our head from our ass when it came to that situation. At that time, all we knew was that some people attacked us and one of them was drow, and that these things that killed all those people were using stuff we’ve never heard of, and that they was people we aint never heard of. It was then I knew, this was going to be a crazy trip to the city. However, the rest of that story is gonna have to wait. That wheat aint’ gonna thresh itself. Come on boys, time to work.”



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