Aksambul: The Queen Widow

This filthy city is ready to burst. Kindfolk don’t know any better than to hang from the strings of their corrupt masters. Patrolled Casbah. Might could find someone to squeeze for information on which soups Hrell’s been fingering. Looks more like he found an elf to finger instead. Note: get information on Queen of Lillies. Most likely waste of time. Nothing but time.

Surprised by such a brazen attack. Someone slipping. Don’t know who. Shouldn’t be so rash; quick to intervene. Put down three Heirocrux Puritans. That’s what Maddox called them. Follow up. Can trust Maddox but Maddox wasn’t there. Note: find out why the watch took so long to respond. Had to dirty hands. Show Hrell I was watching. Don’t want to interfere with the running of the ship. Just sink. Only young races harmed: several dead. Old races frozen. Hrell nowhere to be seen in chaos.

Several assisted in putting down the attack:

Pavel: Human. Seems simple. Strong, New to the city so probably honest, good in a fight.
Bronn the Climber: Dragonborn (brass). Information said imprisoned. Follow-up. Heart in the right place, fingers in the wrong pockets.
Thurick: Dwarf. Raised Underdark, little else known. Watch close. Druid, probably safe Good in a fight.
Duke Gurdo: Flabby whimpering sleaze. Not much in the fight. Turned out to be a tiefling goes by Dest Plound. Follow up. Caught up or covering for own activities?

Brought all back to house. Followed by Maddox. Remember to cover footsteps better next time. All came inside. Thought best to keep close. Tried to hide discomfort. Lucky to have Alford. Too much talking, not enough learning. With all the guests bedded down, thought I could keep an eye on things. Mistake, blindsided in the night. Maddox attacked in streets. Guests attacked in beds. Manor compromised. How? No alarms sounded. Gold masks. Drow. Follow-up. Dest uncovered note “Kill Maddox. Kill Interlopers.” Someone watching. Who? Never seen this seal before. Follow-up. Too many wheels turning.



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