Aksambul: The Queen Widow

Brix Journal 2

Brix's terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Woke to alarm roaring through manor. Alford must have been up all night reinforcing defenses. Still managed to serve breakfast to guests. The clamour didn’t stir Pavel. Should have been more careful serving spirits. Remember to tell Alford. He begged off morning with a burp and groan. Left him to Alford.

Bless Alford. Door was for him anyway. Ominous news. Felt rested but unfocused. Too many wheels turning. Regretting my young blood. Sometimes forget Alford’s age, life before us, several lifetimes before me. A tontine. Great old cache. The gambit of a younger man, not the sort of thing I’d expect of Alford. Suspect he has a great deal of thinking to do. Read face, didn’t ask. Vermin Tiefling practically soiled himself in an effort to swallow greed. Relics of past rarely bring but gnashing teeth. Glint Holderheck, penultimate tontine member, dead in the Casbah. Too many wheels, only one to turn. New allies useful for now.

Sewers obvious path. No objections. Took Palace district route, less likely to meet unsavory sewer dwellers. A clear mistake. Bad luck. Blast in a junction. Probably someone important above. Intercepted a guard response. Private. Why not city guard? Follow up. Thought us responsible. Had to put them down along with young noble leading. Unfortunate. More bad luck. Hopefully no one important. Probable corrupt spawn of some family suckling Lord Mayor’s teat, but no time to follow up. Posse of Minotaur thugs appeared from their newly blasted hole. Thieves. Clearly organized. A bold or stupid place to do thieving. Didn’t stick around to fight. Six avoided the scrum and fled. Gave chase. Lucky to have Thorik, showed great courage. Loathsome Dest showed some skill. Thankful but wary. Bronn’s activities elude mind’s grasp.

Tracked thieves into Palisades. Never split up. Seemed determined to reach destination. Taitor feet betrayed me. Caught tracking. All stopped to intercept. Thieves seemed distracted; hurried; not looking to fight. Lucky to escape and stay on their tail. Can’t focus. So many missteps in one day. Master would beat black for so much carelessness. The minotaurs made to exit in Palisades. Surprising. Counted to ten and followed. Nearly ran into Jamahe Gordesh himself. Let me stay out of sight. Trustworthy, but not sure if good or bad fortune. Watch managed to wrangle thieves. In custody. Not comfortable with what passes for law getting any useful information there. Gordesh promises best effort. Follow up.

Arrived Casbah by rooftop. Been seen enough. Reached perch in time to see others bite off more than can chew. More than a pride of lions can chew. First sight Bronn struck down by fire. Detective Kimble more than seems. Why Maddox not here? Why Kimble on this case? Follow up. Spotted by guards and fled before capture. Live to fight another day.

Bronn last seen: unknown condition. Possible deceased.
Thorik last seen: struck down by spear. Possible deceased.
Dest last seen: pleading with others to retreat. Probable capture, possible deceased.
Follow up.



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