Aksambul: The Queen Widow

Dest Files 002

Everyone Loves Sewer Levels

I knew we couldn’t trust that insane son of the dog of many mothers. We were all awoken by an alarm tripped by a delivery boy, carrying news of great fortune for his manservant. Instead of investigating this, he pressed that we travel back to the scene of the crime. Through the sewers, even. Apparently we couldn’t risk some of the most non-descript people I’ve met in the city being noticed on the streets. Sheriff Shit seems wealthy beyond measure, he could have arranged a vangaurd. Seven Hells, he could have arranged for wizards to port us there. Instead he chooses to dredge through the undercurrent, through piss and shit and brigands. And everyone agrees to this. And in the face of brigands, he chose to abandon us.

What an asshole.

I won’t complain about the encounter beneath the palatial estates. We were lucky to be where we were, when we were. The guards were but children, and the leader of the brigands kindly delivered us a small fortune, thanks to yours truly. Brix ran off as we were wrapping up, chasing after some worthless no-name thugs…. I kept an eye on him as best I could throughout that fracas. I didn’t see him land a single blow. Wouldn’t put it past him to be a part of all of this.

Same for Pavel. I thought him a simpleton, and I didn’t think much of his illness this morning. It was obvious from last night that he isn’t able to hold his liquor. And yet, here I sit, bound in chains. while he remains free…

The courtyard was not a good place to go. We went there searching for hints regarding Alfred’s treasure and the attack last night. After the brigands, we passed by dwarven guards and goblin workers without incident. But the courtyard was another matter. Guarded at all entrances, I did what i could to get the rest of the group in without incident. Suffice to say, Duke Gordo won’t be around until i can find some appropriate fine pants of his size.

It wasn’t worth the cost of the pants. Thurik and Bronn seem to be true to their stated intentions thusfar, but it wasn’t enough. Our various deceptions eventually failed, and they chose to fight the guard instead of flee. And I chose to keep an escape route open for them instead of fleeing myself. And by the time I did decide to flee… it was too late.

The commanding officer of those guards was not what he seemed. I didn’t detect anything coming off of him, but that didn’t matter. I saw him flying through the air, wielding a great sword in one hand and shooting great balls of fire out of the other. No common half-elf lieutenant is capable of that.

None of that matters though. This entire operation is bust. I’ve had enough time to rest, and I’ve noticed guards making regular rounds. We’re in a standard jail. Foolish of them to put me here. Soon enough, I’ll be far away from all of this. And good riddance.

Still though… I did see Thurik find a document pouch which seemed to be of importance. And I want that platinum from the Minotaur back. We’ll see what happens.



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