Aksambul: The Queen Widow

When the Lord Mayor Died

A Recollection of Pavel

“Sure enough, I was in the city when that Lord Mayor from Casbah got killed. I was in that rich feller’s place, you know, Brixx, when we heard them bells start ringing. We ran outside and can you believe it, there were guards were pillgain’. I tried to tell em’ to stop and do their job, but them city folk get a madness when they can get a couple of coins. Brixx and I had to bring em’ down. Wasn’t too much of a fight. "

:"Where was I….oh yeah, So Brixx and I figur’d it’d be a pretty tough place to be in prison right about now, considering half of the city was on fire and lootin’ eachother. Brixx and I hadn’t learned about that Lord Mayor’s killin’ at this time. All we knew is that the streets was on fire. We headed through the sewers underneath the Ramparts, and ended up comin’ out by the canal by the Casbha. Ohhh Dag, you sure would have hated it. It smelled like the city, but was all smokey on the account of the whole damned canal being on fire. It was hell, boy I tell you what.

When we came out of that tunnel, we ran into some more city guard causin’ trouble on the streets. Brixx wanted to leave, but you know me, heh, I had a hankering to fight. So we made short work of the these city folks, except for this big fellah. I couldn’t beat em, so I pushed him in to the river and high tailed it to the coast. Brixx and I finally found a boat, and rowed out to Regart Island.

I know you ain’t ever been in Regard Island, but Knut, I wouldn’t recommend it. We got there at the right time, as those fellers I was tellin’ you about yesterday, Bronn that dragonling, Dest that devilfolk, and Thurik that Dwarf fella, they was on their way out. Brixx and I helped take down some thugs, but those boys had most of the fightin’ done anyways. So we headed to Maryara first, to camp out in those mountains, to try to breath a little.

We set out the next day, lookin’ to get back to the villages. Thats when we tried goin’ through Fort Herad, but apparently the Lord Mayor was killed, and the whole city was goin’ beserk. They wouldn’t let us leave, and arrested us. I tried giving them the Salmon of Peace…but they didn’t accept. These Cityfolk sure can be rude sometimes. They threw us in some cells, but as I was tryin’ to tell one of the soldiers that we Kindfolk also died in the battle against the orcs, that Brixx just clocked one silly and Bronn opened the door with some kind of magic. The others scared the guards off with some magic, but we had to hit one of the boys a few times. Sure feel bad about it, but we had to get out of there.

When we got to home, it sure was good to see the old lady. We had ourselves one hell of a supper, had Kojak over, and read about some of those letters that Erden left behind. The other fellas were talking about a tawnteen but It all kind of confused me. All I remember is that there was a whole lot of fancy pants relics from another time, and I thought Grim Marga would know. So we saw Marga, she’s still makin’ that good gumbo, and she thought that there was somethin’ funny about this part of the swamp up north, and that we should check it out. Might of had somethin’ to do with that tawnteen.

So we went up north, and we got attacked by some assassin and a druid. Can you believe it, a druid attackin’ us in our own swamps? Sure enough, we done stumbled on some kind of boat that had all these masts stickin’ out from the sides. Ain’t ever seen nothin’ like it. We went in side and found this metal thing. It was about, ohhhh 4 foot tall and 3 foot wide. I touched it, and I am tellin you, swear on my mother’s grave, feathers started poppin’ out of my arm, and I wen’t a little crazy. Ended up attackin’ the other fellers, who tried to restrain me, bless their hearts, but they couldn’t. I started to see visions of Erden and things started screamin’ at me. It sure was scary. So I hit th canister with my axe, but it made everything worse…took me damn near the entire day to stop seein’ feathers and talkin’ like a fool. Shiit, I couldn’t even say a damn sentence. Just came out like a bunch of mush.

But I better get back to my old lady. Ever since that day, I’ve taken a likin’ to hunting. Now we got too much dear meat to get rid of, and the damned kids can’t eat it fast enough. hah, ah well. Guess that just means they been a little lazy during this harvest. Better work them harder. See you around Dag, Knut. Tell your Ma’s I said hello, and that I’ll be visitin’ them in a week or two. Gotta get rid of this deer meat somehow."



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