Dest Plound

A True Hero (?!)


Frog Type Tiefling Charlatan Neutral Chaotic Bard, Lore College

Level: 6, pure bard

Bardic Instrument: Frog Throat

Str 8 (-1) ; Dex 13 (1) ; Con 10 (-) ; Int 16 (3) ; Wis 10 (-) ; Cha 19 (+4)

Prof: +3 ; Initiative: +1 ; HIt Dice: 5d8 ; AC: 12 ; Speed: 30

Strength -1
Athletics: 0

Dexterity +1
Acrobatics: 2
Sleight of Hand: 4
Stealth: 2

Intelligence +3
Arcana: 4
History: 6
Investigation: 6
Nature: 4
Religion: 6

Wisdom 0
Animal Handling: 1
Insight: 1
Medicine: 1
Perception: 1
Survival: 1

Charisma +4
Deception: 10
Intimidation: 7
Performance: 10
Persuasion: 7

Known spells:
- Cantrips: Mending, Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Poison Spray, Thaumaturgy
- 1st: Dissonant Whispers, Faerie Fire, Sleep, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Hellish Rebuke (1x day)
- 2nd: Heat Metal, Phantasmal Force, Rope Trick, Suggestion, Darkness (1x day)
- 3rd: Fear, Major Image


Uses skills to intercept documents concerning supply movements to and from the warehouse districts, modifies them when possible to make certain shipments more vulnerable, then ransacks them along with gang. Supplies are then redirected to Tiefling/Dragonborn community stationed in sewers of North Quay. Community was driven underground after cartel wars / slumlord activity forced them from their original block/buildings.

Dest left the Wheelhouse long ago after a scam gone bad resulted in the death of his younger sister, Akta Plound.

From North Quay, operates in Deran, Outer Askambul, Casbah

False ID: Duke Gordo.
Dest wraps his tail around his waist, doffs a huge foppy hat, and disguises himself as the corpulent Duke Gordo in order to set up fake bulk deals with merchants and intercept documents.


Delmirev Gesh: Male Dragonborn Fighter, sometimes acts as the muscle when raiding caravans. Good aligned, does not like raiding but does so to ensure his family/community survives. Especially does not like working with Dest, believing his deceptions to be both unnecessary and a mark of poor character.

“Eearbender” Delmirev Pera: Delmirev Gesh’s daughter. Still a young child, she looks up to Dest due to his charisma. Occasionally tells Gesh that she wants to go with Dest to play “spy games”, much to Gesh’s chagrin. Has a keen interest in collecting spiders. Sometimes reminds Dest of his sister.

Nowhere Nemeia: Female Tiefling Rogueish, operates a storefront in the black market of the Wheelhouse in the Casbah. Acts as a fence for the more interesting items acquired during supply raids. Occasionally buys bodies of slain caravan guards, but only if fresh and unmutilated. No one yet knows what she uses them for.

Tharivol Jones: Wealthy Male Half-Elf Mage/Merchant from lands afar. Dest ran afoul of him after making arrangements to purchase a large number of goods, and then raiding the shipment en-route. Tharivol was able to learn that Duke Gordo is really Dest through a combination of bribes and spellcasting. Wants Dest dead and his various body parts for spell reagents.

Jak: Minotaur Sailor, Dest’s man on the inside for the shipping cartels responsible for bringing goods into Deran. Feeds information concerning incoming shipments of interest for a piece of the action. Has a nasty addiction to Skooma. Banned from half the brothels in the city, but not for the reasons one might think.

Ghost of Akta Plound: It is a mystery

Dest Plound

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