Thurik Magmathane

Dwarven Druid


Druid, Land Circle; Hill Dwarf

Strength: 11 (0)
Dex: 12 (1)
Constitution: (
Intelligence: 12 (1)
Wisdom: 16 (
Charisma: 8 (-1)

Proficiency Bonus: +3

Saving Throws:
Intelligence: +4
Wisdom: +6

Arcana (4)
Perception (

AC: 14
Initiative: +1
Speed: 25


Thurik Magmathane, son of Koran the Fighter and Sibra the Druid, was born in the caverns of the Underdark. His mother, while pregnant with Thurik, was stolen away and sold into slavery by the Duergar during raids that decimated the Torunn clan to which Koran and Sibra belonged.
Thurik, raised as a slave to his cruel Duergarian overlords, was conscripted into the gray-dwarves’ army to fight in their battles against other races for territory and influence in the drug trade with Askambul. During the height of one-such battle, Thurik made a name for himself by conjuring forth a great web of spider silk that trapped the vanguard of the oncoming foes, leading to a route of the opposing force. Sibra, to spite her captors and uphold her clan’s traditions, had secretly been training her son in the ways of the Druid. Her teaching was oriented to the hilly environs of her homeland, but his skills took on the power of the Underdark, the only land he had ever known. Thurik’s true nature as a potentially powerful druid now apparent to the Duergarian leadership, the clan elders executed Sibra for teaching forbidden knowledge to her son. In turn, they released Thurik from his bonds as a slave, proclaiming his freedom was bought by the honor he displayed on the battlefield. In reality, the Duergar feared Thurik’s powers could be parlayed into a slave rebellion, and decided that allowing Thurik his freedom was more likely to motivate other slaves to fight with the same vigor and would prevent him from becoming a martyr.
Freed but friendless and penniless, Thurik sought refuge in the dwarven ghettos in the Casbah of Askambul. In the colorful chaos of the Casbah, Thurik frequented the Common Colleges and Libraries seeking to hone his intuitive understanding of nature, even amidst the cosmopolitan environs of the metropolis. Through all of his endeavors ran a throbbing vein of hatred for the creatures and avarice of the Underdark, a desire for what he thought of as justice but may as well be revenge. Thurik sought allies in his new home, and information about his Underdark enemies. He also took an interest in the common folk of Outer Askambul, whom he saw as the only population of the city to honor nature and bring forth its bounties.

Thurik Magmathane

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