Aksambul is largely divided into three regions.

Outer Aksambul – The small landholdings immediately outside of the city-state. This area consists largely of farms, forests, or swamps. The approximate area is only a square 100 miles. In Outer Aksambul, there are four districts – The Villages, Fort Herad, Port Victory, and Deran.

Lower Aksambul – The most densely populated region of Aksambul, and also the poorest. Lower Aksambul has played a significant role in the history of the city, primarily through multiple rebellions originating in Lower Aksambul districts. Proudly working class, but is also the seat of significant criminal organizations, and crime is a regular part of life. Lower Aksambul includes North Quay, Favian Quarter, The Kogan Citadel, The Casbah, and Regart Island.

Upper Aksambul – the less densely populated region of Upper Aksambul is also the oldest part of the city. Upper Aksambul is home to many of the city’s middle class, and also the city’s elite. The wealthiest and most powerful of Aksambul residents all have homes in Upper Aksambul, and many of the most powerful Merchant Guild leaders reside in the region’s well patrolled streets. That being said, many plots to overthrow the democratic government have been hatched in this part of the city, and there is an uneasy relationship between those from Upper Aksambul and those from the Lower city. Upper Aksambul’s districts – Rampart, Palisades, Garden, Temple, Palace, and Isperen Island.



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