Upper Aksambul

Upper Aksambul

Rampart is the wealthiest portion of Aksambul, and is famous primarily for being the seat of power in the city. Aksambul’s Forum is located in Rampart, as is the city’s treasury, courthouse, and sprawling gem markets. Residents of Aksambul are usually human or half-elf, though elves, dwarves, gnomes, and the occasional dragonborn are known to live in Rampart. Rampart received its name because it is located on the ramparts of the Old Aksambul walls. Rampart became the capital of the city after the Freeborn rebellions, as it was centrally located between Upper and Lower Aksambul. Rampart is also one of the safest parts of the city, as it is not only patrolled by elite and regular city guard, but is also patrolled by private security who focus on protecting the district’s large gem industry. Rampart also holds the Gallows Port, the port that takes sentenced criminals to the Prisoner Island.

The Palisades
The Palisades is a middle class neighborhood that is the political rival of the Casbah. The Palisades is a large district with rows of neatly ordered houses, with a functioning sewage system and well-patrolled streets. The Palisades is the preferred residence of city navy officers, city watch, bureaucrats, and is home to many merchants and scholars within the city. Many of Aksambul’s greatest heroes come from the Palisades. Merchant Guilds and Civic Organizations have heavy influence on politics. Palisades’s residents are typically passionate about politics, and will often be accused of sending agitators to lower aksambul neighborhoods to disrupt elections. The University of Aksambul was founded in the Palisades over 2,000 years ago, and is now one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The Palisades also houses the Mount Oplen Academy, an excellent bardic college. While Palisades residents like to think of themselves as law abiding and moral, their politics is strongly controlled by two merchant guilds, who contract assassinations of their enemies in not just the Palisades, but around the city. In addition to a corrupt and lethal political class, the Palisades is also home to a massive black-market for objects of art and magic. The Palisades has historically been associated with Law Enforcement and city defense, and often sides or leads with Upper Aksambul efforts to reestablish privileges for the highborn.

Garden District is an upper-middle class to upper class neighborhood in Upper Aksambul, and is located on Renlian Island. Garden District is famous for its large gardens and orchards, fine estates, and the legendary Triumph Symphony Hall. Many of Aksamul’s elites live within Garden District, but shop and revel in Temple District. While many of the cities less fortunate envy life in “the gardens”, the Garden District is home to some of the toughest and treacherous political environments in the city. Competing guilds engage in assassinations, espionage, blackmail, and extortion. Feuds between the Garden elites can sometimes lead to citywide shadow wars, where pissing contests between leading families compete with one another in cutthroat schemes. Garden district aristocrats are frequently trying to reestablish privileges for the highborn, and unsurprisingly, most tyrants who expelled the forum have come from Garden District. Garden District is human and Half-Elf.

Temple District
Temple district holds some of the most beautiful and magnificent buildings in the city. The great cathedrals and basilicas for hundreds of gods adorn the district, where elite city guard keeps the streets free of crime and free of waste. Temple District is also home to the wealthiest of Aksambul residents, as well as foreign embassies, key government officials, and military officers. The district also holds the Aksambul Seminary, which holds stewardship over the Great Leadran Library. While the district is remarkably guarded and renowned for its beauty, the district has an unspoken of prostitution industry, as well as a popular market for drugs. Temple District maintains significant political sway over other districts by offering huge sums of money from the magnificently wealthy aldermen, who seem to trade the positions between friends.

Palace District
The Palace district is the home of the Lord Mayor, the Elite Palace Guard, the Imperial Galleries, as well as the Imperial bureaucracy. Many bards sing songs of the splendor of the Palace districts, with its beautiful pavilions, courtyards, gardens, sculptures, and magnificent views of the city. The Lord Mayor is elected for life by the forum, and serves as the tie-breaking vote on all council functions. The Lord Mayors principle job is to ensure the city guard is keeping the peace, that tax collectors are paying taxes, and in general to steer the city-states fiscal, foreign, and domestic policy constantly driving in only 1 direction – prosperity. The Present lord-mayor is a Half-elf from the Casbah, who has developed an almost cult like following in Lower Aksambul, is despised in upper Aksambul, and is seen as responsible for exporting Aksambul’s all-pervasive criminal element to other kingdoms and empires. Some accuse the Lord Mayor of only favoring residents of Casbah, though many also know that the Kogan Citadel and Outer Aksambul played a key role in the Lord Mayors rise to power, a fact that many have not forgotten and still hold a grudge against the dwarves, Casbah natives, and Kind-folk.


Upper Aksambul

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