Bowas Refugo

Minotaur Eldritch Knight/Abjuration Wizard. Amnesiac.


Bowas Refugo
Minotaur, Eldritch Knight/Abjuration Wizard, Unknown Person
STR: 16(3) | DEX: 12 (1) | CON: 14 (2) | INT: 14 (2) | WIS: 12 (+1) | CHA: 8 (-1)

Saves: STR (6) | CON: (5)


Bowas Refugo, the Grand Fighter of the fighting pits, has no recollection of his past. He awoke in these fighting pits, and survived by slowly piecing together his former fighting abilities in the pits. While he has done well, he’s uncovered that in his previous life he was both a warrior and a wizard. He has feint memories of his former last – a fleeting memory of being on a war party, a sinking ship, and a few sailors who recognized him but did not know him. His former life was stolen, and he has assumed the title bestowed by the fighting pits – Bowas Refugo. He endeavors to uncover his identity, as well as possibly seeking redemption for the unknown sins of his past – sins that periodically surface thanks in part to the reputation of his past self.

Bowas Refugo

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