Session 2 God Log

Scene #1:
Waking in Waegn Manor
Q: Does Alford’s discovery involve the pistol NO
Q: Has a party member attempted to steal from Waegn manor NO
Q: Does Alford receive something in the morning? EXCEPTIONAL YES
Q: Is the package from within Aksambul YES
Q: Is Alford involved in a tontine? A Large Amount of Care
Q: Does Alford reveal the truth of the what was delivered YES
Q: Is Alford the last living member of the tontine? YES
Q: Does anyone besides the tauntine members know of the tauntine? YES
Q: Are the events of the previous night, related to this news? YES
Q: Was a member of the tauntine killed in the attack? YES
Q: Is the tauntine located within Aksambul proper? EXCEPTIONAL NO
Q: Was the attack on the square intended to kill Holderheck specifically? NO

Scene #2:
Travelling to the Square via Sewers
Q: Does the party pass under the temple district? NO
Q: Does the party encounter enemies? YES
E: Remote Event: a Trick regarding Technology
Q: Is anything of value in the rubble NO
Q: Are all passages locked EXCEPTIONAL YES
Q: Do the thieves hear and intervene? YES
Q: Do they view the party as hostiles YES
Q: Does the party prevail over the guard response YES

Scene #3 (Positive Alteration):
Continuing through the sewers
Q: Does the party have an encounter under the Palisades? EXCEPTIONAL NO
Q: Do we encounter dwarves under the Kogzan Citadel? YES
E: Remote Event: Procrastination over Expectations
Q: Are the dwarves the Kogan Police? YES
Q: Do we have an encounter under the Casbah prior to reaching The Courtyard Square? YES
Q: Is this encounter hostile? NO
Q: Do we encounter goblin sewage workers? EXCEPTIONAL YES
Q: Do they initiate an interaction with us? YES
Q: Do they skedaddle? NO
Q: Is there access to the courtyard from the sewer? NO

Scene #3b:
Brix’s Pursuit

Q: Does Brix successfully track the minotaur’s through the sewers without being detected? NO
Q: Do the minotaurs attack Brix? YES
Q: Can Brix successfully fully escape the attack YES
Q: Does Brix manage to resume tracking the minotaurs? YES
Q: Do the minotaurs split up? NO
Q: Do the minotaurs exit the sewers in the palisades? EXCEPTIONAL YES
Q: Are the thieves working for someone in the palisade district? EXCEPTIONAL YES
Q: Does Brix follow the thieves out of the sewer? YES
Q: Can Brix remain undetected in the Palisades? EXCEPTIONAL NO
Q: Do the thieves get away? EXCEPTIONAL NO
Q: Do any of the thugs know who they’re working for NO

Scene #4:
At Courtyard
E: New NPC: a Lie about a Dispute
Q: Is the courtyard still an active crime scene? YES
Q: Is he a shapeshifter EXCEPTIONAL YES
Q: Is slaadi? YES
Q: Is detective Maddox present? NO
Q: Is Kimble in league with Hrenn? YES
Q: Is Kimble investigating with a team? NO
Q: Is Kimble aware of the party identities? NO
E: Remote Event: the Postponement of Suffering
Q: Does Kimble react negatively to Duke Gordo’s incontinence EXCEPTIONAL YES
Q: Does Kimble attempt to remove Gordo from the crimescene YES
Q: Are there many onlookers near the square? YES
Q: Does kimble send guards to investigate the owl EXCEPTIONAL YES
Q: Does the dwarf corpse have identifying sigils or documents YES
E: Action by Detecive Kimble (Grey Slaad Half-elf): the Assistance of Magic
Q: Did Dest notice Thorick retrieve the documents YES
Q: Do the guards or kimble notice brix? YES
Q: Does Kimble deposit Bronn and Thorisk in legal jail? YES
Q: Does kimble leave guards in the square EXCEPTIONAL YES
Q: Does injured Bronn survive captivity? YES
Q: Are the inmates kept after well enough to constitute long rest YES

Session 2 God Log

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